Weekend Wrap: Last gasp Libertad, Olimpia’s second slip up and Sol basks in summer sun

TV Games

Tacuary vs Libertad
Estadio Roberto Bettega
(0-0) 1-1 – Jorge Ortega ’54; Miguel Samudio ’91

Libertad opened the game as expected with  two clear cut chances in the first 15 mins – firstly Maurito Caballero couldn’t connect with a teasing cross while Cristian Menendez saw his shot saved by Carlos Servín. Surprisingly it was Tacuary that came closest in the first half when Pablo Espinoza’s thumping header shok the crossbar following a free kick after 23 minutes. Tacuary’s defensiveness and Victor Caceres doing a good job holding allowed Jonathan Santana more freedom and the midfielder had a couple of long efforts the best on 32 minutes saved by Servín.

Goalkeeper Servín had an excellent game Photo: D10.com.py

The second half began with another set piece for Tacuary and another Espinoza header, this time straight into the hands of Muñoz. Tacuary sat deep and allowed Libertad possession but there were difficulties and frustration creeping in as they couldn’t break the home side down. Then came the sucker punch, the veteran Raul Roman received the ball on the break and threaded it through to 20-year-old Jorge Ortega who just got in front of the defender to lob the goalkeeper with his left foot.

Naturally Libertad responded and Burruchaga brought on Camacho for Melgarejo to try and stimulate some creativity and drive in the side surely tired of winning (5 games in days). Maurito Caballero came desperately close on 62 minutes putting a tap in wide following Moreira’s accurate centre. Spaces were opening up by the time Maurito trudged off to be replaced by Pablo Velazquez usually reserved  exclusively for the Copa Libertadores (a bit like your mum’s best china). Santana forced another good save from Tacuary’s goalkeeper from a quick freekick (taken suspiciously far away from where the foul occured) after 75 minutes.

Alvarenga battles for the ball Photo: abc.com.py

As the game reached its twilight so did Libertad’s chances of joining Sol de América at the league’s summit, but there was still time for an equaliser. Left back Miguel Samudio unleashed what is described locally as a ‘bombazo’ to finally beat the excellent Servín and keep Libertad unbeaten in 2012.

Tacuary XI: C.Servín; G.Gimenez, L.Vera, D.Viera, M. Acosta Rojas; A.Mazacotte, L.Silva, P.Espinoza, R.Román, J.Ortega; S.Alvarenga

Subs: Ever Ortiz for Alfredo Mazacotte ’84, Gabriel Viera for Raul Román ’91

Yellow Cards: Gustavo Gimenez ’76, Raul Román ’77, Santiago Alvarenga ’80, Pablo Espinoza ’85

Libertad XI: R.Muñoz; J.Moreira, J.Bizera, I.Benegas, M.Samudio; M.Melgarejo, V.Caceres, J.Santana, L.Civelli; M.Caballero, C.Menendez

Subs: Nery Bareiro for Joe Bizera ’50, Nestor Camacho for Marcos Melgarejo ’60, Pablo Velazquez for Maurito Caballero ’72

Yellow Cards: Miguel Samudio ’85


Sol de América vs Rubio Ñu
Estadio Luis Giagni
(2-0) 2-0 – José Ortigoza ‘4, Gilberto Velazquez (og) ’43

The two table toppers went into this game with confidence high, it was the home team who started brightest with José Ortigoza getting his fourth goal in four official games in the fourth minute of the game. The early goal surely shook Rubio’s plans who could never find their way back in and by half time the points were wrapped up a teasing cross turned into his own net by Gilberto Velazquez.

Sol go into next week’s round of games top of the league with a perfect record and will take on Nacional, even a point will keep them top four games into the season.

Sol de América XI: M.Santilli; R.Martinez, E.Segovia, D.Arruá; R.Bonet, E.Orzusa, A.Rojas, R.Ocampo, D.Ciz; J.Ortigoza, E.Prono

Subs: Angel Enciso for Edgardo Orzusa ’61, William Mendieta for Enzo Prono ’75, Cecilio Dominguez for José Ortigoza ’87

Yellow Cards: E.Prono ’21, E.Orzusa ’30, J.Ortigoza ’38, R.Bonet ’64, M.Santilli ’78

Rubio Ñu XI: B.Valenzuela; A.Espinola, A.Rodriguez, G.Velazquez, N.Ruiz; C.Llamas, R.Acuña, E.Ramos, B.Ojeda; J.Cardoso, D.Gonzalez

Subs: Francisco Vera for Bladimiro Ojeda ’56, Pedro Arce for Josias Cardoso ’69, Cristian Sosa for Alberto Espinola ’69

Yellow Cards: F.Vera ’80, C.Sosa ’92


Olimpia vs Independiente
Para Uno
(1-1) 1-1 – Pablo Zeballos ‘9, Luis Miño ’20

For the second week running Olimpia were left frustrated by weaker opposition as the battle on two fronts and team changes take their toll. It seemed like it was going to be plain sailing when Pablo Zeballos does what he does best, latching onto a pass behind the defence and slotting the ball past the keeper. His celebration, dummy in mouth, refers to his new-born baby. Independiente to their credit stayed in the game and got their reward thanks to a wonderful individual effort from Luis Miño gliding through El Decano’s defence.

Towards the end of the game Olimpia threw on strikers trying to find a winner for the expectant home crowd but to no avail. The away side held on and even had chances of their own on the counter with the pace of Emanuel Biancucchi and the graft of Elvis Duré a threat.

Olimpia XI: M.Silva; R.Reveredo, A.Romero, S.Candia, S.Ariosa; O.Hobecker, F.Caballero, A.Contrera, V.Marín, P.Zeballos, M.Biancucchi

Subs: Angel Enciso for Edgardo Orzusa ’61, William Mendieta for Enzo Prono ’75, Cecilio Dominguez for José Ortigoza ’87

Yellow Cards: Pablo Zeballos ’10, Fabio Caballero ’39, Vladimir Marín ’65

Independiente XI: R.Cardozo; S.Peña, M.Godoy, M.Almirón, R.Salinas; V.Dávalos, L.Miño, J.Báez, F.Garcia; O.Diaz, E.Duré

Subs: Aldo Vera for Victor Dávalos ’45, Carlos Duarte for José Báez ’58, Emanuel Biancucchi for Osvaldo Diaz ’77

Yellow Cards: R.Salinas ’29, E.Duré ’43, A.Vera ’86


Cerro Porteño vs Cerro PF
La Olla
(1-0) 1-0 – Roberto Nanni ’15

All the talk was of the return of the prodigal son from Argentina, Santiago Salcedo, but the game was won by a goal from an old Argentinian war horse. Target man Roberto Nanni has been at Cerro Porteño since July 2009 and has always had a habit of scoring when it counts this time to take the points from Cerro’i (‘i being the diminuitive in Guaraní) who had battled so gamely last weekend to draw with Olimpia.

Nanni wheels away in celebration Photo: APF

The Cerro right hand side worked well with Matías Corujo and Jorge Rojas (see below!) impressive. There are still problems with the lack of creativity in the middle, no Jonathan Fabbro and a misfiring Julio Dos Santos have meant goals from open play are still hard to come by.

Cerro Porteño XI: D.Barreto; M.Corujo, P.Benitez, M.Uglessich, W.Lopez; J.Rojas, A.Gonzalez, J.Dos Santos, E.Benitez; S.Salcedo, R.Nanni

Subs: Pablo Gavilán for Diego Barreto ’45, Fidencio Oviedo for Edgar Benitez ’58, Ivan Torres for Julio Dos Santos ’71

Yellow Cards: None

Cerro PF XI: R.Aguero; C.Ramirez, N.Figueredo, F.Balbuena, J.Gonzalez; F.Duarte, M.Godoy, L.Delvalle, C.Andersen; R.Liechtweiss, S.Samudio

Subs: Francisco Solano Lopez for Rogerio Liechtweiss ’62, Javier Duarte for Joel Gonzalez ’67

Yellow Cards: L.Delvalle ’45, S.Samudio ’92


Team of the Week: Carlos Servín (Tacuary); Silvio Peña (Independiente), Gustavo Gimenez (Tacuary), David Mendoza (Nacional), Miguel Samudio (Libertad); Jorge Rojas (Cerro Porteño), Vladimir Marín (Olimpia), Luis Miño (Independiente), Reinaldo Ocampo (Sol de América); José Ortigoza (Sol de América), R.Nanni (Cerro Porteño)

Player of the Week: The week’s real star was Cerro Porteño youngster Jorge Rojas who has now been called up to the senior Paraguay squad on the back of his early season form.

Goal of the Week:  Miguel Samudio’s golazo

Goals of the Week: Here are all the goals before Monday’s game

Donkey of the Week: Tacuary manager Francisco Ocampo for his awful tie, a real shocker. Also available in video.

Worst tie ever? Photo: golazotropical.com.py

Stat of the Week: 1 – congratulations to Sportivo Carapeguá who earned their first ever point in the Primera División this weekend, see it in all its glory in our tables section

Results: Sol de América 2-0 Rubio Ñu, Olimpia 1-1 Independiente, Guaraní 1-3 Nacional, Sportivo Luqueño 1-1 Sportivo Carapeguá, Cerro Porteño 1-0 Cerro PF, Tacuary 1-1 Libertad




By Ralph Hannah


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