Paraguay Lower Leagues: Relegation and Promotion

The Paraguayan lower leagues have now come to an end and will restart in around six months time, the tier system is quite confusing with various means of reaching the second tier (Intermedia), but the below list is effectively in descending order.

The ups and downs of 2012 are here, with thanks to Mundo Intermedia Paraguay for their excellent website that has been my main source of information. The name in brackets is the city the club is from.


Promoted to Primera: General Díaz (Luque); Deportivo Capiatá (Capiatá)

Relegated to Third Tier: 29 de Septiembre (Luque) ; Sportivo Iteño (Itá), Atletico Colegiales (Asunción)


Promoted to Intermedia: 12 de Octubre (Itaguá)

Playoff for Intermedia place: Martin Ledesma (Capiatá)*

Relegated to Primera División C: 1º de Marzo


Promoted to Intermedia: Liga Caacupeña de Deportes (Caacupé)

Playoff for Intermedia place: Liga Concepcionera (Concepción)


The Interligas tournament comprised of teams from the Paraguayan countryside and organised by the UFI will conclude in early 2013 with the winner earning status as an APF club and a place in the 2013 Intermedia. This is how Sportivo Carapeguá came into existence having been previously an UFI select side known as Liga Carapegueña de Fútbol.


Promoted to B Metropolitana: Atlantida (Asunción)

Relegated from APF tournaments: Nikkei Belmare (Itaguá)

*Martin Ledesma won the playoff against Concepcionera 5-4 on penalties with aggregate scores tied after two legs

By Ralph Hannah


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