Paraguay Football Blog is back (phew!) – coming up in June

I’m very relieved to be typing here, just over week ago in Buenos Aires my laptop cooler decided to stop working thus overheating itself and destroying the CPU. That is why there was absolutely nothing regarding the Paraguay vs Chile game, Roque Santa Cruz becoming the all-time topscorer for Paraguay and Gerardo Pelusso resigning. I hadn’t entered into deep depression about the result, or Paraguay’s failure to qualify!

I’m now back with a brand new laptop and ready to go. This is what you can expect this month…

Apertura 2013 comes to a conclusion so we’ll have the usual previews and round-ups, Team of the Year and a profile on the winners

Paraguay U20s left for Turkey today ahead of the U20s World Cup, expect previews for each game and a squad profile

Paraguay Abroad we look at some of the players moving abroad and those that have moved clubs

It’s good to be back



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