The only English-language blog dedicated to Paraguayan Football. The idea is to provide readers with information otherwise unavailable on the internet in English, from the basics like an up to date fixture list with kick off times to in-depth analysis of the major games to interviews with some of the biggest stars and future talents in the country. We also try to provide betting tips on all the major games involving Paraguayan clubs and the national team. All suggestions are appreciated either here or via Twitter.


Ralph Hannah is an Englishman living in Asunción, Paraguay and while he does support Cerro Porteño his wife supports Olimpia so it keeps him balanced (sort of) – his one-year-old is as yet undecided and shouts “Gooool” for any team that scores. In recent years he has been dedicating time to statistics on Paraguayan football and now houses a complete list of every game played by a Paraguayan club in continental competition.


Sergio Lahaye is a massive Everton fan who idolizes Duncan Ferguson, Francis Jeffers and that guy from the movie Goal. (Ed: I think he knows a thing or two about Paraguayan Football too, at least I hope he does)

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  2. It’s always nice to find some English related blog content about Paraguay, especially football. We would love any contributions you would be willing to make to our budding website, especially being expats and football lovers!!

  3. Excited to see this offered! Married a Paraguayan 5 years ago and have been searching for a site like this since then! Going there for a visit for the first time this week and hope to catch a game while I’m there. Look forward to following along

  4. Hello

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    • Hi Andrew – more than happy to exchange links. Will put yours up in the “Friends of Paraguay Football Section” and feel free to use a preview of mine for your site assuming you link back to here. Cheers.

  5. Hi!

    First of all, I think your site is brilliant!

    Just came back from a trip to Peru, Chile and Bolivia, and I loved every bit except for the fact that I didn’t have enough time for Paraguay.
    (Definitely going back!)

    There are a couple things that I really wish to know, and I thought it would be perfect to get answers from a local.

    Could you please help me out???

    1. I understand that the Asuncion clubs have the biggest fan base and therefore most well-supported. Are there any clubs from the suburbs that are equally well supported? (i.e. Luqueno, Sol de America?) Or are they just second tier clubs?

    2. From the traditional Asuncion clubs, how do each club rank in terms of popularity and size? Could you please rank them for me with a bit of background info?

    3. Are there any demographic differences for the fan-base of Paraguayan clubs? Or is it just geographical?
    (eg. Benfica(Poor) v Sporting(Rich), Partizan(Army) v RedStar(People), Merseyside derby, Manchester derby… I think you got my point :). )

    Any additional info for a foreigner looking into Parguayan football would be highly appreciated!!!

    Thank you.

    Warm Regards.

    • Thanks for reading! Hardly update anymore so haven’t checked the blog recently.

      1- Luqueño are probably the best supported club outside of Asunción, also 12 de Octubre can pull in a crowd if they ever make it back to Primera.

      2 – Cerro/Olimpia are the big two, Guaraní are older than Cerro and probably have the biggest fan base outside of those two. Libertad have more money than the rest but never particularly popular (seen as an establishment club). Sol/Nacional traditional clubs that are always around Primera but small fan bases. Rubio Ñu are definitely the new boys, a very old club but always played in 2nd or even 3rd division until recently.

      3- Not really. I’d say football like Tereré is the only thing that truly bridges the class divide in Paraguay (it is a very unequal society in terms of income distribution and very conservative regarding class hierarchy)


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