Abbreviations will be used from time to time but also some words are hard to translate or have no direct translation (especially from the indigenous Guaraní) so are better left as they are. If you have any other questions of a word, phrase or term used in the blog comment in the space below or ask on Twitter.


1º de Marzo – leading Paraguayan radio station

780AM – leading Paraguayan radio station

970AM – leading Paraguayan radio station

ABC – leading Paraguayan newspaper

CCP – Club Cerro Porteño abbreviated

DT – Directo Tecnico, coach or manager

UH – Ultima Hora, leading Paraguayan newspaper

GH1S – Grande Hay Uno Solo (There is only one big [team]), reference used by Olimpia fans and players to their side

MR – Marcelo Recanate, current club president of Olimpia

ODD – Osvaldo Dominguez Dibb, former club president of Olimpia, the most successful club president in Paraguayan football history

25 pagantes – A derogatory term for Cerro Porteño usually used by the fans of rivals Olimpia which makes out the Barrio Obrero side are a small club, it refers to a game where only 25 members of the public paid to watch Cerro play.

Apertura/Clausura – the calendar year is split into two short seasons, starting with the ‘opener’ (Apertura) usually February to June and finishing with the ‘closer’ (Clausura) from late July to early December

Barrabrava – or simply barra refers to the organised group of fans who lead the singing, music and flag waving at grounds. However there is usually a darker side of things with the barra often linked to violence in and around the ground and have been known to directly intimidate/interfere with players and the board of directors at clubs.

Casera – refers to the domestic-based national team squads that don’t include European players usually used for Non-FIFA friendlies

Chipa – a delicious cheesy-bread

Chipa being sold at La Olla

Clásico añejo – the derby between Olimpia and Guaraní the oldest derby

Copa Libertadores – South America’s version of the Champions League played in 1st half of year

Copa Sudamericana – South America’s version of the Europa League played in 2nd half of year (although teams can qualify for both this and Libertadores)

Defensores – refers to Estadio Defensores del Chaco the national team stadium and home to major league/continental games

Enganche – literally hook, it refers to the playmaker position just behind the forward line, a very South American position these days so think Riquelme not Rooney

Garra – literally claw but closer meaning to guts

Golazo – Not just a goal, a great goal

Intermedia – Paraguayan second division but can refer to all leagues below the top division

La selección – Paraguayan national team

La Olla – refers to Cerro Porteño’s stadium, official name Estadio General Pablo Rojas, La Olla literally means cooking pot in reference to the heated atmosphere inside the stadium

Maté – a hot herbal drink using ‘yerba mate’ which is placed in a guampa (gourd) and drank through a metal straw with a filter at the bottom (bombilla) and served from a termo (thermos flask).

Mix – The name given to a team that has a mix of regular starters and reserves, often used by clubs in local league while competing in continental competition.

Ñembotavy – guaraní for somebody who doesn’t know anything or pretends they don’t know anything ‘hacer el ñembotavy’ refers to turning a blind eye, pretending they don’t understand

Para Uno – refers to Olimpia’s stadium, official name Estadio Manuel Ferreira but Para Uno (Parada Uno means First Stop) is used because it was the first stop on the now defunct railway line, sometimes called ‘El Bosque’ (The Forest) in reference to the surrounding trees

Partidazo – An epic game or a thriller

Picadito – a kickabout, often used to refer to match at end of training

Piki Voley – played all over the country sort of football tennis but usually a stick is used instead of a net

Poner/ponga huevos – show some balls, show some determination

Primera – Paraguayan first division

Rubio – literally blonde but used to describe anybody with European characteristics, can friendly or derogative depending on context

Superclásico – the derby between Olimpia and Cerro Porteño, the clubs bitterest if not oldest rivals

Tereré – an ice cold version of maté, indispensable in all Paraguayan households and arguably her greatest cultural symbol

Sudamericano – not to be confused with Sudamericana, is the U20s South American Youth Championships that serves as qualifiers for both the U20s World Cup and Olympic Games

Zurda – left-footed (also left-handed) for example ‘Diego Maradona is zurda

By Ralph Hannah

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